8 Steps To Professionally Clean Your Rug

8 Steps To Professionally Clean Your Rug

Many people don’t know that Rugs also require professional cleaning once or twice a year. And if you feel more need then you can. The professional cleaning will give you a sense of happiness, satisfaction, perfect cleaning, and warranty also. We also recommend you the best methods to clean your Rug at home also. 

There are 8 steps that professionals do while professional cleaning the Rug is:


Firstly the professional Rug cleaning company will send their specialist to your home for a pre-inspection. Expert will look after everything in your home and he will examine that particular area. It requires special attention. Also, they will discuss which things to take out before cleaning the Rug. Also, after examining the state of a Rug and the variety of a Rug. They will choose the particular Rug cleaning method to be used on the Rug for proper cleaning.

Pre-Spray Before Cleaning The Rug

Now professionals will do pre-spraying after the pre-inspection at your home. They will put dirt removal techniques in all the areas of your home to be cleaned. After that formula will release all the filth, dust, oil, sugar, and adhesive stuff that catch more grime and germs. After releasing all these things from the Rug fiber and now they wash your Rug with the best Rug cleaning machine.

Purify Or Sanitizer Agent

This step is really important to be done on the Rug because of the stains and dirt. There is a nasty smell in your Rug. So in that case, it is essential to spray sanitizer to eradicate the various odors on your Rug. This will make it fresh and clean.

Remove The Furniture

Removing the furniture is necessary. While doing the spray on the Rug professionals will remove the furniture from the particular area so that they can clean the Rug appropriately and they will get proper space to dry the Rug properly.

Steam Cleaning And Washing

Steam cleaning is mainly the hot water extraction process.  Best steam Rug cleaners do this process after the pre-spraying of the Rugs they will use the steam cleaning method using expert powder cleaner with the Rug cleaning machine that will make the Rug softer. After that, they will wash the Rug thoroughly and vacuum it properly.

Treatment After The Stains

Many people think that after cleaning the Rug there is no work left behind and all done but they are wrong. Because after cleaning the Rug few stains remain on the Rug and the specialist knows the way to eliminate these stains by urgently cleaning.

Fabric And Rug Scotchgard Protection 

Your Rug needs protection and if you know about Scotchgard then you must protect your Rug earlier. So, experts recommend Scotchgard protection in the future. They will apply it on the Rug because this protector will save your Rug for a longer period and protect your Rug from more stains, dust, and damage also.

Inspection After The Cleaning

They do the Post inspection after the cleaning and it’s beneficial for you as well. Professional cleaners will visit your home and will confirm to you cleaning of all the stains, nasty smells, and areas properly. Moreover, you can recommend to them if you want great help in the future, also you can ask various questions related to Rug cleaning at home perfectly.


The best decision is to contact the experts for cleaning the Rug and they follow all the above effective steps to make your Rugs perfect. Because they know all the best tips, tricks, and expert products for the best Rug cleaning. Hire them today if you want to keep your Rugs clean & fresh. Request for a Free No Obligation contact us.