Vacuum A Wool Area Rug Without Doing Any Damage

How To Vacuum A Wool Area Rug Without Doing Any Damage

Vacuuming is an essential step in keeping your wool area rug looking its best. However, if not done correctly, vacuuming can cause damage to your rug. To avoid any potential harm to your wool area rug, it’s important to follow proper vacuuming techniques. Read on to know in detail about how to vacuum a wool […]

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General Myths About Rug Cleaning That You Should Know

Considering rugs, there are a lot many misconceptions and myths about rug cleaning. You may find a lot of DIY hacks to clean rugs either by searching online or by a friend’s suggestion. But, hardly any of them work. Rugs being quite an expensive investment should be handled carefully. In this blog, you will get […]

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How Is Rug Cleaning Beneficial For Your Children’s Health?

We all know that small children love playing on carpets/rugs. They love crawling around the rugs. A rug is something they will have a lot of contact with. It will affect them, mostly positive. Rugs are easier on their little hands, feet and knees. You often must have wondered how rug cleaning benefits your children’s […]

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8 Steps To Professionally Clean Your Rug

Many people don’t know that Rugs also require professional cleaning once or twice a year. And if you feel more need then you can. The professional cleaning will give you a sense of happiness, satisfaction, perfect cleaning, and warranty also. We also recommend you the best methods to clean your Rug at home also.  There […]

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