How Is Rug Cleaning Beneficial For Your Children’s Health?

How Is Rug Cleaning Beneficial For Your Children’s Health?

We all know that small children love playing on carpets/rugs. They love crawling around the rugs. A rug is something they will have a lot of contact with. It will affect them, mostly positive. Rugs are easier on their little hands, feet and knees. You often must have wondered how rug cleaning benefits your children’s health. It is the best surface on which children enjoy playtime. It also provides a non-slip cushioning floor surface which protects them from injury.

Rug cleaning is beneficial for your children’s health in the following ways-

1. Purifies the air they breath

Every time anyone walks on rugs, they disturb the fibres. Any particular matter the carpet has collected can also get released into the air. The particulates can be anything from dust to mould spores. You can also take help from professional cleaning services. They dry clean your rugs most impeccably. However, you should regularly remove these foreign particles from the rugs for the sake of your young ones. 

2. Keep grime off their hands

We all know that young children love to put everything in their mouths. This happens the most around teething time. As these children begin crawling around the home, there is no limit to the places they go to. They even might get themselves into trouble for doing the same. Keeping your rugs and flooring surfaces clean is very important when you have a young one in your home. You should dry clean your rugs from time to time to protect your children from the ill effects of dirt spreading. 

3. Good health for your baby

Rug cleaning is safe for babies and can improve their overall health by eradicating a significant source of bacteria and allergens in homes. We all know that young children usually have a much weaker immune system than adults. Thus, they are more susceptible to bacterial infection. An average rug/carpet has 20000 bacteria per square inch, and it is essential to ensure that the rugs stay clean and microbe-free.

You should also make sure to avoid carpet cleaning solutions that have the following chemical ingredients

  • Hydrofluoric acid.
  • Phenol.
  • Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Naphthalene.

 All the chemicals mentioned above can harm your baby’s health. Instead of synthetic cleaners containing chemicals, you should opt for natural ingredients. There are many carpet cleaning companies that specialize in green cleaning services, and they use all-natural cleaning solutions that are safe and environment-friendly.

4. Remove allergens

Flooring surfaces collect allergens. They contain various allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander etc. Because of this, you should do regular rug cleaning every six months. This will be good for your baby who keeps playing the whole day on the rug. 

Some Preventative Measures To Keep Your Rugs Neat And Clean

Regular vacuuming and good household habits will make your rug environment safer for your baby. Following are some things that you need to take into consideration-

  • Vacuum at least once a week to remove loose dirt, skin cells and dust.
  • Clean up liquid and solid spills ASAP.
  • Use low-moisture steam cleaners at least once every six months.
  • Do not leave the moist rug and carpet to air dry. 

Some Problems In Rug Cleaning

There is a problem that occurs with wet-cleaning rugs is that they can absorb and retain moisture. Steam cleaners do not use any kind of chemicals, however, they can leave behind a lot of moisture. The moisture trapped in the rug fibres leads to the growth of bacteria and fungi. This is very harmful to your baby.  Some companies also perform dry-carpet cleaning that does not require water at all. These methods involve lots of chemicals and solvents that you would not want your baby exposed to.


It is essential to keep your rugs clean for the sake of your young ones and other family members. Your young ones are at the receiving end, and many people opt for dry cleaning instead of steam cleaning as the rug will dry soon and be ready for playtime in a short time. This is how rug cleaning is beneficial for your children’s health.