General Myths About Rug Cleaning That You Should Know

General Myths About Rug Cleaning That You Should Know

Considering rugs, there are a lot many misconceptions and myths about rug cleaning. You may find a lot of DIY hacks to clean rugs either by searching online or by a friend’s suggestion. But, hardly any of them work. Rugs being quite an expensive investment should be handled carefully. In this blog, you will get to know the top 8 General Myths About Rug Cleaning. Let’s get started: 

1. Rugs Need Cleaning Only When They Look Soiled Or Dirty 

Only because you cannot see the dust on the rug, doesn’t mean it is not dirty. A rug on average has millions of tiny dust particles residing deep in the fibres. There is a possibility of dust mites too. And if you ignore them unknowingly, you will soon experience skin allergies and sneezing. Moreover, dull-looking rugs leave a foul smell. In such cases, it is suggested that you call for a professional rug cleaning session. 

2. You Can Save Some Money On Doing Less Rug Cleaning 

If you are thinking that ignoring the need for regular rug cleaning will help you save a little money, then you are wrong. The fact is, repairs are cheaper than replacements. rugs that are not properly cleaned or maintained result in spots, stains, burns and moulds that ultimately need replacements. So, to avoid rug replacement costs, invest in a local rug cleaning service along with regular vacuuming at home. 

3. DIY rug Cleaning Gives Better Results Than Professional Cleaning

You can find DIY rug cleaning detergents and machines available in nearby stores. And can also try homemade solutions to clean rug stains. But, the results they provide are not satisfactory. And sometimes, you may end up doing wrong to your rugs. In addition to this, purchasing rug cleaning machines and detergents are sometimes more expensive than professional cleaning services. So, don’t go with the myth that DIY cleaning offers better results than professional service when it does not. 

4. If You Clean The rug, It Will Soon Get Dirty Again

This common myth is pretty true sometimes. When you do not use the proper cleaning methods and the rug does not dry fully, it becomes an attraction point for dust, dirt and grime. Moulds may also develop easily on a wet rug. On the other hand, if your rug is professionally cleaned and thoroughly dried, it will not catch dirt soon after cleaning. Moreover, experts recommend using Scotchgard protectants on rugs that act as a barrier between rug fibre and dirt particles. This way you can have a fresh and pleasing rug for a long time even after cleaning it. 

5. Rug Cleaning Leads To Rug Shrinkage

When rugs undergo professional cleaning, they get dry real quick as soon as the cleaning is done. In case the rugs stay damp or wet post cleaning them, then there is a possibility of shrinking. However, expert rug cleaners are specially trained to offer perfect cleaning that leaves the rug fully dry so that there is no chance of shrinkage. To ensure zero shrinkage, it is suggested to use professional service instead of DIY cleaning. 

6. New rugs Need No Cleaning

Is your rug brand new? Like is it 5 to 7 days old? Do you think it does not require cleaning for at least 6 months? Then you are wrong. It is one of the most common General Myths About Rug Cleaning. There is no certainty about how long a new rug remains allergen and stain-free. Hence, it is normal to consider regular rug maintenance and cleaning for new rugs too. 

7. Baking Soda Is The Best Rug Cleaner

Mostly, baking soda is used for rug cleaning and odour removal by homeowners. However, baking soda can kill the rug smell for a temporary time period only. The baking soda method is the best cleaning action hence other general myths about rug cleaning. Baking soda itself cannot clean the rug entirely. The right way to get a long-lasting clean rug is to schedule a quality rug cleaning service by experts. 

8. Commercial Rug Cleaning Solutions Are Just Enough For Tough Stains

Commercial rug cleaning solutions can never beat professional cleaning results, hence this is again one of the general myths about rug cleaning. You being unprofessional by buying a cleaner from the store and using it on your rug may reverse the results. It is really important to study your rug fabric well before trying on any commercial cleaning product. Also, even if the cleaner is for your rug type, do not forget to do a patch test first. Moreover, it is suggested to not invest in rug cleaning products and rather rely on professional cleaning. However, you can take suggestions from experts regarding rug cleaning solutions and maintenance tips. 

To Conclude

Hope you understood general myths about rug cleaning and from now on you will not be fooled by such statements. The only thing that is a fact and not a myth are your rugs need regular cleaning. It is ideal to perform regular dusting and vacuuming of rugs. And ideally, you should take professional rug cleaning services every 4 to 6 months. And if you have pets or infants at home, then the cleaning interval can be 3 to 6 months. In case, you have dirty rugs, search for a local cleaning company, check reviews, book certified rug cleaning experts and get your rugs expertly cleaned!