How To Vacuum A Wool Area Rug Without Doing Any Damage

Vacuuming is an essential step in keeping your wool area rug looking its best. However, if not done correctly, vacuuming can cause damage to your rug. To avoid any potential harm to your wool area rug, it’s important to follow proper vacuuming techniques. Read on to know in detail about how to vacuum a wool area rug without doing any damage. 

Vacuum A Wool Area Rug Without Doing Any Damage

Ways To Vacuum A Wool Area Rug Without Doing Any Damage

Here’s how to vacuum a wool area rug without doing any damage:

Adjust the Vacuum Settings

Before you begin vacuuming, make sure your vacuum cleaner is set to the right height for your rug. If the vacuum’s brush roll is too low, it can get tangled in the rug fibres and cause damage. Conversely, if it’s too high, it won’t effectively remove dirt and debris. Most vacuum cleaners have an adjustable height setting that you can use to ensure the brush roll is at the correct height. 

Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming is important in keeping your wool area rug looking its best. Dirt and debris can damage the fibres over time, so it’s crucial to vacuum your rug on a regular basis to remove these particles before they can cause damage. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum your rug once a week.

Use the Right Vacuum Head

The right vacuum head can make all the difference when it comes to vacuuming a wool area rug. For best results, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush roll that is gentle on wool fibres. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar, as it can be too aggressive for wool fibres and cause damage.

Start in the Center of the Rug

Begin vacuuming your wool area rug in the centre and work your way outwards. This will prevent you from vacuuming dirt and debris that have already been removed back into the rug. Start by running the vacuum over the rug several times in the same direction to pick up as much dirt and debris as possible.

Vacuum the Edges Thoroughly

The edges of a wool area rug are particularly susceptible to dirt and debris, so be sure to vacuum them thoroughly. Turn the rug over and vacuum the underside, paying special attention to the edges. This will help to remove dirt and debris that may have accumulated over time.

Be Gentle

When vacuuming your wool area rug, be gentle and take your time. Never pull the vacuum cleaner back and forth over the rug, as this can cause damage to the fibres. Instead, use a slow and steady motion, moving the vacuum in the same direction as the rug fibres.

Avoid Over-vacuuming

Although it may be tempting to vacuum your wool area rug thoroughly, it’s important to avoid over-vacuuming. Over-vacuuming can cause damage to the fibres and reduce the lifespan of your rug.

Vacuuming your wool area rug is an important step in maintaining its appearance and prolonging its lifespan. By following these tips, you can vacuum your wool area rug without doing any damage. Remember to be gentle, adjust the vacuum cleaner to the right height, use the right vacuum head, and vacuum regularly for best results.

How Is Vacuuming Helpful In Cleaning The Rug?

Vacuuming is a crucial step in maintaining the cleanliness of a rug and keeping it looking its best. Regular vacuuming helps to remove dirt, dust, and debris that can accumulate on the surface of the rug over time. This not only keeps the rug looking clean and tidy, but it also helps to prolong its lifespan by preventing dirt and grit from grinding into the fibres and causing wear and tear.

Vacuuming also helps to remove pet hair and dander, as well as other allergens, which can accumulate in the rug over time. This is particularly important for people with allergies or other sensitivities, as well as those with pets. By removing these irritants from the rug, vacuuming can help to improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory issues.

When vacuuming a rug, it’s important to use the right equipment and technique. A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment is ideal, as it helps to agitate the fibres and remove dirt and debris more effectively. It’s also important to go over the rug several times, paying extra attention to high-traffic areas, and to use the right suction setting, depending on the thickness and type of the rug.

Get Professional Help- Whether it’s vacuuming or cleaning the rugs, you can trust professionals for the best results. They know the best methods for cleaning the rugs properly. If you want the best professional rug cleaning services in Hobart, you can hire professionals at Rons Rug Cleaning Hobart. They offer all kinds of rug cleaning services at reasonable prices. At Rons Rug Cleaning Hobart, they have all the best tools that are helpful in cleaning the rugs. You can hire them by giving them a call on 03 6364 2913

Office carpets and rugs have to deal with a lot of dirt and problems. They have to bear tons of foot traffic every day because there are many people that walk in and out of the office. Your office rug cleaning needs more effort than normal rugs. Uncleaned office rugs can ruin their beauty which will also impact your work. You must use the right methods for all types of stains and dirt from the rugs. There are several tips that are useful for cleaning rugs. To know in detail about office rug cleaning tips, read the blog carefully. 

Here Are Some Useful Office Rug Cleaning Tips:

  • Identify The High-Traffic And Low-Traffic Areas- Before cleaning the rugs it is important to know the high-traffic and low-traffic areas. This will help you in knowing which area to clean thoroughly. Usually, the best way to know about the high traffic areas is by observing which part gets stained quickly. The area of the rug where people walk in many numbers tends to get dirty quickly. 
  • Vacuum And Spot Clean Your Rugs- Vacuuming is one of the most important things that should be done regularly to keep your office rugs clean. Vacuuming helps in eliminating all kinds of dirt and stains from the rugs. Doing it regularly is also safe when compared to other cleaning solutions. 

Spot cleaning is another important thing that needs to be done in order to clean your office rugs. Spot cleaning will help in removing the stains on the spot. This will help in preventing the stains from spreading on your rugs. 

For spot cleaning, all you need to do is take a clean damp cloth or a paper towel and dab it on the rugs to remove the excess liquid stains from the rugs. This will be useful in avoiding the stain to move further into the fabric. This is one of the best office rug cleaning tips. 

  • Avoid Dirty Shoes- You see many people walk on your office rugs with shoes on, shoes contain a lot of dirt and dust. This is one of the main reasons why your rugs might get dirty. You must avoid this to keep your rugs clean and dirt-free. You can either place a signboard or inform everyone to avoid walking with shoes on the rugs. Avoiding this can create many problems such as permanent damage to the rugs and can also carry many diseases. 
  • Regular Deep Cleaning Of Office Rugs- Commercial rug cleaning is one of the most important things that should be done regularly. Deep cleaning of office rugs can be effective to remove all kinds of stains and dirt from the rugs. Deep cleaning of rugs involves a lot of things by which you can remove all the stubborn stains and dirt. Deep cleaning of rugs starts with vacuuming to remove the excess dirt from the rugs. Once the dirt is removed, it is important to get rid of the stains which can be done using a stain cleaner. Spray the stain cleaner on a cloth and dab it on the stains thoroughly. You can then use baking soda or vinegar solution to get rid of the smell and stains. Once it is completed, you can air dry the rugs in the sunlight. This is another best office rug cleaning tip. 
  • Deal With The Spillage Quickly- One of the best office rug cleaning tips is removing the spillage as early as possible. Spillage can be one of the main reasons why your rugs can get damaged. There are various types of spillage such as food spillage, water spillage and many more. You must act quickly if you see any such spillage on the office rugs. You can use a clean cloth to get rid of the spillage. Just dab it all over the stains and let it absorb the excess liquid from the stains. This method is important to prevent the stains from moving deeper into the rugs. 

Hire Professional Rug Cleaners- Keep Office Rugs Fresh

When it comes to cleaning all types of stains from the rugs, hiring professional cleaners can be your best option. They know the right methods for removing the stains and protecting the rugs from damage. Professional rug cleaners have all the best tools that are useful in removing stains as well as dirt from the rugs. 

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Considering rugs, there are a lot many misconceptions and myths about rug cleaning. You may find a lot of DIY hacks to clean rugs either by searching online or by a friend’s suggestion. But, hardly any of them work. Rugs being quite an expensive investment should be handled carefully. In this blog, you will get to know the top 8 General Myths About Rug Cleaning. Let’s get started: 

1. Rugs Need Cleaning Only When They Look Soiled Or Dirty 

Only because you cannot see the dust on the rug, doesn’t mean it is not dirty. A rug on average has millions of tiny dust particles residing deep in the fibres. There is a possibility of dust mites too. And if you ignore them unknowingly, you will soon experience skin allergies and sneezing. Moreover, dull-looking rugs leave a foul smell. In such cases, it is suggested that you call for a professional rug cleaning session. 

2. You Can Save Some Money On Doing Less Rug Cleaning 

If you are thinking that ignoring the need for regular rug cleaning will help you save a little money, then you are wrong. The fact is, repairs are cheaper than replacements. rugs that are not properly cleaned or maintained result in spots, stains, burns and moulds that ultimately need replacements. So, to avoid rug replacement costs, invest in a local rug cleaning service along with regular vacuuming at home. 

3. DIY rug Cleaning Gives Better Results Than Professional Cleaning

You can find DIY rug cleaning detergents and machines available in nearby stores. And can also try homemade solutions to clean rug stains. But, the results they provide are not satisfactory. And sometimes, you may end up doing wrong to your rugs. In addition to this, purchasing rug cleaning machines and detergents are sometimes more expensive than professional cleaning services. So, don’t go with the myth that DIY cleaning offers better results than professional service when it does not. 

4. If You Clean The rug, It Will Soon Get Dirty Again

This common myth is pretty true sometimes. When you do not use the proper cleaning methods and the rug does not dry fully, it becomes an attraction point for dust, dirt and grime. Moulds may also develop easily on a wet rug. On the other hand, if your rug is professionally cleaned and thoroughly dried, it will not catch dirt soon after cleaning. Moreover, experts recommend using Scotchgard protectants on rugs that act as a barrier between rug fibre and dirt particles. This way you can have a fresh and pleasing rug for a long time even after cleaning it. 

5. Rug Cleaning Leads To Rug Shrinkage

When rugs undergo professional cleaning, they get dry real quick as soon as the cleaning is done. In case the rugs stay damp or wet post cleaning them, then there is a possibility of shrinking. However, expert rug cleaners are specially trained to offer perfect cleaning that leaves the rug fully dry so that there is no chance of shrinkage. To ensure zero shrinkage, it is suggested to use professional service instead of DIY cleaning. 

6. New rugs Need No Cleaning

Is your rug brand new? Like is it 5 to 7 days old? Do you think it does not require cleaning for at least 6 months? Then you are wrong. It is one of the most common General Myths About Rug Cleaning. There is no certainty about how long a new rug remains allergen and stain-free. Hence, it is normal to consider regular rug maintenance and cleaning for new rugs too. 

7. Baking Soda Is The Best Rug Cleaner

Mostly, baking soda is used for rug cleaning and odour removal by homeowners. However, baking soda can kill the rug smell for a temporary time period only. The baking soda method is the best cleaning action hence other general myths about rug cleaning. Baking soda itself cannot clean the rug entirely. The right way to get a long-lasting clean rug is to schedule a quality rug cleaning service by experts. 

8. Commercial Rug Cleaning Solutions Are Just Enough For Tough Stains

Commercial rug cleaning solutions can never beat professional cleaning results, hence this is again one of the general myths about rug cleaning. You being unprofessional by buying a cleaner from the store and using it on your rug may reverse the results. It is really important to study your rug fabric well before trying on any commercial cleaning product. Also, even if the cleaner is for your rug type, do not forget to do a patch test first. Moreover, it is suggested to not invest in rug cleaning products and rather rely on professional cleaning. However, you can take suggestions from experts regarding rug cleaning solutions and maintenance tips. 

To Conclude

Hope you understood general myths about rug cleaning and from now on you will not be fooled by such statements. The only thing that is a fact and not a myth are your rugs need regular cleaning. It is ideal to perform regular dusting and vacuuming of rugs. And ideally, you should take professional rug cleaning services every 4 to 6 months. And if you have pets or infants at home, then the cleaning interval can be 3 to 6 months. In case, you have dirty rugs, search for a local cleaning company, check reviews, book certified rug cleaning experts and get your rugs expertly cleaned! 

We all know that small children love playing on carpets/rugs. They love crawling around the rugs. A rug is something they will have a lot of contact with. It will affect them, mostly positive. Rugs are easier on their little hands, feet and knees. You often must have wondered how rug cleaning benefits your children’s health. It is the best surface on which children enjoy playtime. It also provides a non-slip cushioning floor surface which protects them from injury.

Rug cleaning is beneficial for your children’s health in the following ways-

1. Purifies the air they breath

Every time anyone walks on rugs, they disturb the fibres. Any particular matter the carpet has collected can also get released into the air. The particulates can be anything from dust to mould spores. You can also take help from professional cleaning services. They dry clean your rugs most impeccably. However, you should regularly remove these foreign particles from the rugs for the sake of your young ones. 

2. Keep grime off their hands

We all know that young children love to put everything in their mouths. This happens the most around teething time. As these children begin crawling around the home, there is no limit to the places they go to. They even might get themselves into trouble for doing the same. Keeping your rugs and flooring surfaces clean is very important when you have a young one in your home. You should dry clean your rugs from time to time to protect your children from the ill effects of dirt spreading. 

3. Good health for your baby

Rug cleaning is safe for babies and can improve their overall health by eradicating a significant source of bacteria and allergens in homes. We all know that young children usually have a much weaker immune system than adults. Thus, they are more susceptible to bacterial infection. An average rug/carpet has 20000 bacteria per square inch, and it is essential to ensure that the rugs stay clean and microbe-free.

You should also make sure to avoid carpet cleaning solutions that have the following chemical ingredients

  • Hydrofluoric acid.
  • Phenol.
  • Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Naphthalene.

 All the chemicals mentioned above can harm your baby’s health. Instead of synthetic cleaners containing chemicals, you should opt for natural ingredients. There are many carpet cleaning companies that specialize in green cleaning services, and they use all-natural cleaning solutions that are safe and environment-friendly.

4. Remove allergens

Flooring surfaces collect allergens. They contain various allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander etc. Because of this, you should do regular rug cleaning every six months. This will be good for your baby who keeps playing the whole day on the rug. 

Some Preventative Measures To Keep Your Rugs Neat And Clean

Regular vacuuming and good household habits will make your rug environment safer for your baby. Following are some things that you need to take into consideration-

  • Vacuum at least once a week to remove loose dirt, skin cells and dust.
  • Clean up liquid and solid spills ASAP.
  • Use low-moisture steam cleaners at least once every six months.
  • Do not leave the moist rug and carpet to air dry. 

Some Problems In Rug Cleaning

There is a problem that occurs with wet-cleaning rugs is that they can absorb and retain moisture. Steam cleaners do not use any kind of chemicals, however, they can leave behind a lot of moisture. The moisture trapped in the rug fibres leads to the growth of bacteria and fungi. This is very harmful to your baby.  Some companies also perform dry-carpet cleaning that does not require water at all. These methods involve lots of chemicals and solvents that you would not want your baby exposed to.


It is essential to keep your rugs clean for the sake of your young ones and other family members. Your young ones are at the receiving end, and many people opt for dry cleaning instead of steam cleaning as the rug will dry soon and be ready for playtime in a short time. This is how rug cleaning is beneficial for your children’s health. 

Many people don’t know that Rugs also require professional cleaning once or twice a year. And if you feel more need then you can. The professional cleaning will give you a sense of happiness, satisfaction, perfect cleaning, and warranty also. We also recommend you the best methods to clean your Rug at home also. 

There are 8 steps that professionals do while professional cleaning the Rug is:


Firstly the professional Rug cleaning company will send their specialist to your home for a pre-inspection. Expert will look after everything in your home and he will examine that particular area. It requires special attention. Also, they will discuss which things to take out before cleaning the Rug. Also, after examining the state of a Rug and the variety of a Rug. They will choose the particular Rug cleaning method to be used on the Rug for proper cleaning.

Pre-Spray Before Cleaning The Rug

Now professionals will do pre-spraying after the pre-inspection at your home. They will put dirt removal techniques in all the areas of your home to be cleaned. After that formula will release all the filth, dust, oil, sugar, and adhesive stuff that catch more grime and germs. After releasing all these things from the Rug fiber and now they wash your Rug with the best Rug cleaning machine.

Purify Or Sanitizer Agent

This step is really important to be done on the Rug because of the stains and dirt. There is a nasty smell in your Rug. So in that case, it is essential to spray sanitizer to eradicate the various odors on your Rug. This will make it fresh and clean.

Remove The Furniture

Removing the furniture is necessary. While doing the spray on the Rug professionals will remove the furniture from the particular area so that they can clean the Rug appropriately and they will get proper space to dry the Rug properly.

Steam Cleaning And Washing

Steam cleaning is mainly the hot water extraction process.  Best steam Rug cleaners do this process after the pre-spraying of the Rugs they will use the steam cleaning method using expert powder cleaner with the Rug cleaning machine that will make the Rug softer. After that, they will wash the Rug thoroughly and vacuum it properly.

Treatment After The Stains

Many people think that after cleaning the Rug there is no work left behind and all done but they are wrong. Because after cleaning the Rug few stains remain on the Rug and the specialist knows the way to eliminate these stains by urgently cleaning.

Fabric And Rug Scotchgard Protection 

Your Rug needs protection and if you know about Scotchgard then you must protect your Rug earlier. So, experts recommend Scotchgard protection in the future. They will apply it on the Rug because this protector will save your Rug for a longer period and protect your Rug from more stains, dust, and damage also.

Inspection After The Cleaning

They do the Post inspection after the cleaning and it’s beneficial for you as well. Professional cleaners will visit your home and will confirm to you cleaning of all the stains, nasty smells, and areas properly. Moreover, you can recommend to them if you want great help in the future, also you can ask various questions related to Rug cleaning at home perfectly.


The best decision is to contact the experts for cleaning the Rug and they follow all the above effective steps to make your Rugs perfect. Because they know all the best tips, tricks, and expert products for the best Rug cleaning. Hire them today if you want to keep your Rugs clean & fresh. Request for a Free No Obligation contact us.